Worship Video

"We help our customers create the world’s best shared experiences."


Simply put, video and worship go hand in hand. Video has recently evolved from a utility to a branch of the modern sermon. We utilize Video to express what words cannot easily say. As humans, we associate experiences with images, having the ability to show our audience the way we feel creates a personal connection beyond audio alone.

Distributed Video

“However beautiful the strategy,
you should occasionally
look at the results.”

Winston Churchill

We believe Video distribution should only be done one way :  
With room for growth.

In the past, expanding an existing Video Distribution system was quite the task, which led to two possible outcomes:
-Quickly outgrowing a system

-Purchasing a larger system with the anticipation of growth. 

We now have the ability to provide a different outcome. Our Video systems grow with you, which means we start with only what you need now and can add what you need later without replacing any equipment. 

Obsolete is not a word in our vocabulary. 



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Division 16 Audiovisual

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