Justin Edmonds

Justin is our Vice President here at D16. His passionate personality, logical problem-solving nature and ability to compartmentalize make him perfect for this position. He is someone who is honest, hardworking, funny, smart, driven, and caring, all attributes of a phenomenal leader.  An interesting fact about Justin is that when he was little he dreamed of doing what he does today! His goal for the upcoming year is to add the title business owner to his list of accomplishments. On a Saturday morning, you can usually find Justin working on a house or video project. The things that make him happiest are spending time with his kids & taking trips to Disney. He also enjoys going to the movies, listening to the news, watching YouTube videos, a good beer or bourbon, sending GIF's to his girlfriend, and you will find "traveling the world" at the top of his bucket list. One of the people he admires most is his father, for working hard his entire life to make sure his family had food on the table and a roof over their heads and clothes on their back. That work ethic has thas been instilled in Justin and is clearly seen by those around him. His pet peeves include people who refuse to communicate, leaving the shower curtain open, and when people don't charge their phone. Some things that tug at Justin's heartstrings are the Homeless, our Nation's veterans, and victims of Human Trafficking. You will find that his personal motto is one that he lives by both professionally and personally and sums up the importance of integrity in his life very well: "mean what you say and say what you mean". 

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Division 16 Audiovisual

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