We are here to help you create communal experiences that engage and help in sharing the hope that we all have.  Using technology and systems let us help you use sound, lighting, and video to reach, touch, and engage your congregation.

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D16 has the tools and talent to custom-tailor solutions for all of your AVL and IT needs. From hardware to software to IP addresses and remote management we have got the team and talent to meet your needs.

Dedicated Support

D16 support and influence doesn't stop after the project launch. You are covered with free semi-annual dedicated training and support followup for the first year and free remote support for 3 years. This combined with a Managed service contract ensures you don't have to do this alone

Proven Knowledge

D16 over 100+ years of combined industry experience in worship technology.  The team at D16 Technologies has been in your spot. Together we have created concepts, managed worship services, deployed and monitored multi-site venues, and everything in between

Future Proof

D16 Technologies implements the industries' most advanced solutions that have been tested and proven. We stay on the leading edge of technology and utilize equipment that has future expandability in mind.  You can rest knowing that your purchases are as future proof as possible.

How We Can Help

If you’re looking for stunning visuals, crystal clear-thunderous sound, lighting that enhances, and video streaming that consistently works, we are here for you.  D16 specializes in helping to create immersive experiences that just plain work.  We love to use technology and systems to give you a canvas to paint with.  We bring you the tools to create with so you can paint your own canvas.  There is nothing more powerful than the communal experience that happens in a church service!  If you would like to learn more about the tools and how to, give us a call or reach out using the form below to start a conversation!

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Why People Attend Church

Upgrades & Lifecycles

Evaluating Sunday Church

As we prepare to go back “live” so to speak, in person at church after a few months of online the only. The question that stands, is what is it about church that draws people through our doors?What should a church look like? Where should a church meet? What should happen during church services?


Get people on board, start the discussion early, and have a plan.

Do you replace production/system equipment based on it being worn out or for new features and functionality? When we get a new system or new piece of gear, often the last thing on our minds is repairs or the life cycle of the system. In my view, churches are getting better at understanding professional A/V systems.

I think that often, as the church in general, we tend to overlook some really important things that impact the experience one has on a Sunday morning. Yes, the preaching needs to be engaging, the worship spirit-filled and the people pleasant, but there are also other factors that impact the overall experience. Let’s take a look at evaluating your church’s experience!

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