AJ Brann

Meet AJ one of our installation techs. When getting to know AJ you will quickly find that his wife and three kids are a driving force for him in all he does. When asked where you can find him on a Saturday morning, or what he likes to do in his downtime, his answers included spending time with and loving on his family. He has a genuine desire to live a healthy life and to teach his children to be the best people they can be. Those who work closely with AJ know that he's pretty chill and introverted. What they also recognize is his ability to problem solve and his tenacity to overcome obstacles. His life motto is "keep moving forward" and it's evident in his attitude and work ethic. 
Other than spending time with his family, AJ enjoys fishing, reading Planetary Report and National Geographic, being a decent cook, meditating, practicing yoga, playing video games, and working on multimedia projects. If you're looking to get on AJ's nerves just touch the chair he's sitting in, be an overly cautious driver, or show him something with bad audio/video. But in all seriousness, AJ is known for being a giving, responsible, caring, and thoughtful guy who is easy to be around, chat about space exploration or even grab a whiskey neat with. We at Division16 are happy to have him as part of our team.

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